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Entry PIN t/o message shown when PIN function can't be used


When using PIN code or PIN with card number for door entry, the door can't be opened. A message "Entry PIN t/o" is shown in AMT.



PIN Pad used


There may be two causes of this message:

  1. There is an output format for PIN Pad called burst format. There are several types of burst format, for example 4 bit, 8 bit, 26 bit etc. For I/NET, it only accepts 8 bit and 26 bit type. If the burst format isn’t correct, there will be "Entry PIN t/o" message appeared, which means timeout for waiting for PIN entering.
  2. The digits of PIN are less than 6 bits.


The following solutions are recommended for the two causes of this issue:

  1. For cause 1, the burst format of the PIN pad should be changed to 8 bit or 26 bit (Usually using 8 bit. If the extended PIN function is needed, 8 bit type should be chosen). For HID reader, there is a kind of configuration card to change the burst format to specific type. Refer to HID relative documentation.
  2. For cause 2, if the digits of PIN are less than 6 bits, a "#" button needs to be pressed after entering the PIN. If this solution can't work, you can change the PIN to 6 digits by adding "0" ahead of the PIN. For example, the PIN is "3325", the PIN entered should be "003325".
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