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Epibuilder is printing the orientation incorrectly on a badge after changing or adding a printer


A badge prints the orientation incorrectly depending on the user who is logged in or the printer selected




Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


Some printer manufacturers bundle multiple badge printer drivers in one drivers installation package and then the driver for the specific model of printer must be selected. Depending on the user logged in and the printer selected and if multiple printers of the same manufacturer are selected, Epibuilder can misinterpret which printer needs to be used and the printer driver


  1. If the printer was working and the driver was updated, reverting back to the older printer drive may correct the problem
  2. Try to only install one specific printer driver per Cyberstation instead of printing to 2 different printers
  3. If a multiple selection was offered during the install or 2 printers must be installed then the following procedure may need to be followed to get badge printing working properly.
    1. Uninstall both printers and uninstall the badge layouts. 
    2. Shutdown Cyber and Reboot the PC
    3. After restarting verify that there are no printers and no layouts in Cybers 
    4. Shut continuum down again and install the first printer. 
    5. Reboot the computer
    6. Reloaded the badge layouts
    7. Test the layouts with the one printer and verify they work. 
    8. Install the second printer and verify it works
    9. Verify the first printer
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