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Errant or additional emailed alarms are received from a Xenta Server


When a Xenta Server alarm object generates and email, the email is accompanied by several emails showing alarms from objects that did not go into alarm.


Xenta Server 5.0.2 through 5.1.7


When the system program in the Xenta server polls multiple point simultaneously it may interpret one alarm signal as multiple alarm signals from all polled points.


Option 1 -

  1. Edit the Xenta Servers Xbuilder project
  2. Change the scan time on all alarm objects so that they are at different scan rates.
  3. Generate the project
  4. Send the project to target.

Option 2 -

  1. Connect to the affected I/NET controllers
  2. Modify the points in Resident I/O
  3. Change the scan rate of each point so that all alarms have different scan rates.
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