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Error: LNS #25 lcaErrDatabase


An unexpected database error occurred.

"There can only be one LCA Object Server ActiveX control per process. Please make sure that you only have a single Object Server control in this process."

"Could not listen on _poet/tcp: The address is already in use or another server already running. (-2532)"




Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server and other OEM software sometimes use TCP ports 6001 or 6002. This causes a conflict since the POET server (FastObjects DB) defaults to TCP ports 6001 and 6002.


Check that the ports used by LNS are not being blocked (firewalled) or used by another application. To verify this, type in the following command from a DOS prompt:

netstat -bn

You should now get a list of in-use TCP ports. Look for an entry saying {your computer name}:6001 or 6002. If you find one, you have located a conflict and you will need to change the POET Port numbers.

Check if you run a firewall on this PC. If yes, you need to find the list of Programs with their Internet Access level and make sure you have given access to the appropriate files. To run LonMaker/LNS , you need to give access to ptserv32.exe, LonMaker.exe, lonpoint.exe, visio.exe, lmwbrw32.exe and lsass.exe.

You can modify the ports used by the POET server and clients by modifying the "Services" file (%WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Services) using a text editor like Wordpad.exe or Notepad.exe.

For example, to change the POET port numbers to 7001 and 7002, add/modify the following lines in the "Services" file. The  '#' in the example indicates that the following text is a comment.

For Win XP: use "Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Services". If you see the "poet" and "_poet" entries, go ahead and change the port numbers from 6001 and 6002 to 7001 and 7002.

If you don't see these entries, simply add the lines below.

poet          7001/tcp    #FastObjects services

_poet        7002/tcp    #FastObjects services

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