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Error: LNS #6 lcaErrObjectNotFound The object was not found (Subsystem: LNS, #6)


On a fresh install of LonMaker Turbo, inactivated, the first time trying to open a drawing you may get the error: 

The object was not found (Subsystem: LNS, #6)
Extensions ‘Echelon_LMW_Demo’




If you specify a network name with trailing spaces, the LonMaker tool will report an LNS #6 error (object not found), and report an unexpected error.

An object has been requested by name or index that could not be found in the databases.  Typically, this would be a request from a LNS collection object with a bad name or index.

It should be noted that this error can also occur in some implicit assignments. For example, if the network interface to be used has not been explicitly assigned to the appropriate property, LNS will continue using the network interface previously assigned to the ActiveRemoteNI or NetworkInterface property, respectively.

In such a scenario, this exception could occur even though no explicit assignment has been made, indicating that an implicit assignment maps to an unavailable object.

A monitor set may be created while offnet (System.MgmtMode is set to lcaOffNet); however, a monitor set cannot be opened while offnet. Furthermore, attempts to query the MonitorSet.IsOpen property will get the error "The object is not found (Subsystem: LNS, #6)" when offnet


Getting the activation code and activating the install should clear the error.

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