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Error Message: Ensure that Vista Server is started


After TAC Vista Server is started, logging into TAC Vista Workstation, an error "Ensure that Vista Server is started" occurs.


  • TAC Vista Server
  • TAC Vista Workstation
  • TAC Vista Webstation


This issue is due to the DCOM permissions that Vista Server relies on and they must be manually changed.


Lessons Learned Article #3900 contains a DCOM Utility that can automatically set the proper permissions to clear the issue.

To manually alter DCOM parameters:

  1. Locate the DCOM config in Component Service > Computers > My Computer
  2. Right-click TACOS and selected Properties
  3. Select Security tab
  4. Click the Edit in Launch and Activation Permissions.
  5. Add the appropriate groups or user names of computer and Allow them permissions.

After finishing the above procedures, the issue should be solved.

Lessons Learned Article #1853 also discusses this issue.

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