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Error about I/A LonWorks Controllers used in Vista


When using I/A MNL800 controllers in Vista classic network (without using LNS database), an issue will happen when commissioning and downloading the controller: Local Network Management Failure, Info: nci_Location. The xif file has been updated to the newest version of the WPT program.


WPT version higher than 5.7.2

Vista 5.1.6


The possible cause is that the WPT version is too high for Vista classic network to integrate.


Firstly it isn't recommended to use I/A LonWorks controllers in Vista system. And there is no specific compatible matrix for Vista and WPT. Currently the proved version of WPT that can be used with Vista 5.1.6 is 5.7.2. The version higher than this will has this issue. So the only solution is to use the xif file generated by WPT 5.7.2 in Vista classic network.

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