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Error displayed when importing a device XIF into SmartStruxure


When importing an XIF into SmartStruxure, errors can be generated that vary in nature.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • SmartStruxure Enterprise Server
  • SmartStruxure Automation Server
  • Building Operation Workstation


The XIF does not import successfully for a variety of possible reasons:

  1. There exists a device template in the server already that contains the same device ID as the XIF that is being imported. 
  2. The XIF does not comply with the LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide published by LonMark.


Before performing any of the steps below:

  1. Import the XIF file provided by the manufacturer of the Lon controller - if the manufacturer did not provide a XIF, try searching the LonMark product catalog
  2. If the provided XIF does not work, upload the XIF from the device to ensure that it is the correct file by following How to extract an XIF out of a Lon controller.
  3. Use the SBO SNVT Support tool found on The Exchange to identify unsupported SNVT's.
  4. Work through the troubleshooting steps below.


Device Template Fails without an Error

This issue has been seen in some of the older versions of SmartStruxure (1.5 and older) and upgrading to the latest version will resolve the issue in many cases. If the issue occurs at the latest version of SmartStruxure:

  1. Use the SBO SNVT Support tool located on The Exchange to identify unsupported SNVTs.
  2. If the SBO SNVT Support tool does not identify any unsupported SNVTs, then send the XIF in to Product Support for further investigation. 


Device Template Already Exists

In order to complete the import of the XIF, follow these steps.

  1. Delete all controllers in that database that are using the device template that has the same device ID as the XIF file you are trying to import. 
  2. Now import the XIF again. Select the server in the system tree on the left and go to File > LonWorks import > Device Template.
  3. Click the Browse button and select the XIF you want to import. Click Import.

Note: When the import is complete it will have overridden the old device template with that device ID. Two device templates with the same device ID will not be able to reside in the same database. For more information about device templates see Delete Device Templates.


Detailed Error Prompt with Specific Fields Listed

Some examples of the detailed errors include but are not limited too:

  • "Field X has error(s). The string must between X and X characters. nvoActualCapacity has X characters" on row X.
  • "Field X has error(s). The number must between X and X. Field X has value X." on row X.
  • "Field X has error(s). The value must be X but was X." on row X.
  • Space or tab are not allowed in field 0Node Object on row X.


To Address these issues:

  1. Download Notepad++ to be able to better navigate the XIF by row number.
  2. Using Notepad++, open the XIF.
    NOTE: Backup the original XIF just in case there is a mistake when modifying.
  3. Find the row and field number prompted by the error messages and modify them accordingly. All the rules can be found in LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide published by LonMark.
  4. Import the XIF again to verify whether it works. If not, contact Product Support for further investigation.
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