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Error message in Vista System Plug-in: LNS System access failure, (Subsystem: NS,#147)


Error message in Vista System Plug-in: LNS System access failure, (Subsystem: NS,#147)

lcaErrNsLicenseViolation 147 LNS license access failure.


LonMaker, NL220

LNS Network


Feedback from Echelon on this error message.

A variety of conditions may cause this error. Some relate directly to internal licensing components. For example, the license DLLs may not have installed properly, the files that identifies the license (nsseng.exe for the LNS Server, lonmaker.DSL for LonMaker) do not exist, or the Crypkey licensing components (crypserv.exe and ckldrv.sys) are not running properly. You can resolve these problems by deleting the files that may be causing problems, and re-installing LNS. The license DLLs, as well as the crypserv.exe and ckldrv.sys files, can be found in the Windows 'LNS Licenses' folder, and the Crypkey files can be found in the Windows 'system32' folder. Note that you must stop the 'CrypkeyLicense' service and 'NetworkX' driver before deleting the Crypkey files.

Certain conditions on the PC operating the license may also cause this error. For example, if the PCs file system is corrupted or low on space, or if the license files have been manually deleted, tampered with in any way, or moved by some disk-defragmentation utilities, this error will occur. You can resolve these situations by ordering a replacement license key. If the PC clock is set back to a time before the creation of the license or before the last time credits were purchased, this error will occur. In some cases, this can be resolved by rebooting the PC. Otherwise, it may be necessary to order a replacement key.

The error may occur if the license has been transferred out of the PC, manually terminated, or if there are zero maximum credits. In this case, you need to purchase additional credits for the license.

For more information on licensing, see Chapter 13 of the LNS Programmers Guide.


It is very likely that you have corrupted LNS Credits. To determine if this is the case and how to solve it please consult Lessons Learned Article #1840.

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