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Error message "No default Mail server detected" when installing Continuum


Error message  "No default Mail server detected" when installing Continuum


Windows 7

Windows XP

Windows Vista


Outlook Express

Windows Live Mail


Internet Explorer


When Microsoft released Windows 7 they removed the email program "Outlook Express" 

As a result of this in IE (internet explorer), default Email program is left empty, as Continuum can send emails there needs to be a default program selected


Solution for this is to first install "Windows Live Essentials" from the following link

In some cases you will get an error message which will stop you running the program, if you get this error then follow the next link on how to fix this

On successful install of the above program you will now need to go into IE (Internet Explorer) goto "Tools" then "Internet options" then select "Programs" you will now see a list of options, next to the E-mail: option click on the drop down and select "Windows Live Mail" 

Apply the changes and close the program, you should now be able to install and run Continuum without getting the  "No default Mail server detected"  error message

This problem can also happen in other OS environments i.e XP and Vista, in this case you do the same as above but instead of using Windows Live Mail you would use "Outlook Express" or you could use "Office Outlook" if you have a MS Office package installed

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