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Error message "Not able to log on TCP connect" when downloading Xenta programmable from System Plug-in


  • "Not able to log on TCP connect"
  • Error downloading to TAC Xenta 28x/30x/40x from System Plug-in
  • The devices are offline in TAC Vista


  • System Plug-In
  • Xenta Programmable Controllers
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B


 If the TAC Vista Communication Port is set to "Communication Port - Echelon LTA" this message will occur.


  1. Check the settings in the TAC network in the system plug-in.
  2. If you want to use LNS for communication (open scenario) the Communication Port has to be set to "Communication Port – LNS"
  3. Once you have made this change Update the Vista Database before attempting another download.
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