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Error messages referring to Fox MulticastServer: IP_AD_MEMBERSHIP failed


“IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP failed” appears in the Application Director output during reboot of the Jace and in the Station Discovery on the Niagara Network after a failed discovery attempt














ENC 520, 410, Jace 6E, 645, 700, 8000 controllers using G3/AX.  The second Ethernet interface only applies to theJace 6E, 700, 645 and 8000


Incorrect or no default gateway assigned in the TCP/IP Configuration or Interface 2 is enabled and set for DCHP with no DHCP server available to that interface.  See the notes on the illustration for possible configuration faults.



1.       Make certain you have a valid IPV4 or IPV6 (schema dependant) Gateway entered for the Interface 1 IP configurations.

2.       If set to DHCP, ensure there is a DCHP server available on the interface.

3.       Disable all unused interfaces and IPV6 if not applicable.

4.       If there are problems accessing or configuring the interfaces, you may need to use the System Shell of the ENC/Jace and correct the configurations there. ENC/Jace System Shell Article #11618

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