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Error: "Distribution Server MFC application stopped" when reloading controllers or deleting objects


When reloading a controller or deleting objects from Continuum, an error "Distribution Server MFC application stopped" appears. It looks like an MFC compatibility issue, but is not.

After creating a new database and logging on to Continuum, the problem does not exist.


  • Continuum 1.94
  • Windows 7


Some database issue may cause the distribution server MFC application to crash.

This is only one issue encountered. There may be other unknown reasons that could cause this problem also.


  1. Export the original database to a dump file
  2. Create a  new database and make Continuum work.
  3. Create a network in the new system and give the same name as the original database to the network
  4. Import the dump file into the new system, and reload all the controller in the system.
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