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Error: "Incorrect or missing I/NET Host Tool license"


"Incorrect or missing I/Net Host Tool license." error occurs when I/NET Host Tool is launched via Vista > Tools > I/NET Host Tool.


I/NET Host Tool


"Incorrect or missing I/NET Host Tool license" error will occur if there is a full version of I/NET installed with its own license key. Running the full version of I/NET and launching I/NET Host Tool via Vista, will attempt to open a new instance of I/NET. The system will throw the error message because there is already an open instance with a license that is not the I/NET integrated license.

I/Net (2.4X) runs as a service and will also create this condition if a second instance is launched. Stopping the service will allow I/Net to open without error. 

When using XBuilder to refresh the I/NET network. In XBuilder, upon a refresh, an instance of I/NET Host Tool is launched. If there is a current open I/Net instance, the error is thrown.



This will not affect the network in any way since I/NET Host Tool and the full version use the same I/O Server. To avoid this message, shut down I/NET and I/O Server and start it again via Vista > Tools > I/NET Host Tool.

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