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Error received when upgrading an I/NET SQL database: "An error occurred while creating InetDb:"


When I restored this database to the workstation (PC) it took a very long time and the following error came up:

An error occurred while creating InetDb: Could not allocate space for object "(SYSTEM table id: -xxxxxxxx)' in database 'InetDb' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full.
Continue?  Selecting YES, it appeared to complete correctly


I/NET Seven

SQL 2000 Desktop Edition (MSDE)


Key words in the error message refers to "could not allocate space".  When using MSDE the size limit is 2GB, with very large databases the size is very close to this limit, so usually both backups and restores occur correctly.  The problem arises when you attempt to perform an upgrade, during this upgrade the database may exceed the limit imposed by Microsoft and hence the error may appear.

Even though the process has appeared to have completed correctly and selecting "Continue?".  It should NOT be assumed the database has completely been restored.


To successfully use this database you can look at the following solutions:

  1. Upgrade the version of SQL to a version of that supports a larger database size.  Note that if you are using File Equalization, the file master must be using either Standard or Enterprise version of SQL Server 2005 / 2008.
  2. Restore the database back to the same version of I/NET that it was original installed on and perform an Archive (via Archive Configuration editor) so that the database is reduced in size allowing it to be successfully upgraded.
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