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Error when commissioning I/A MNL800 controller in LonMaker


When commissioning I/A MNL800 controller in LonMaker LNS network management tool, an error will happen:

One or more devices failed to update successfully, due to the following problem: "A device encountered an operational or messaging error while its configuration was being updated. (Subsystem: NS, #4031)"



I/A MNL800



The issue is possibly due to more than one MNL800 controllers in the LonWorks network have the same Program ID defined in the WPT that causes the commissioning failed.


Open the program of the MNL800 in WPT, right click in the blank place and choose Hardware Wizard. Click Next and modify the Program ID so that each MNL800 has unique program ID. Then it will be fine to commission them in LonMaker.

There is also another method to deal with this issue. Please refer to Lessons Learned Article #4166.

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