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Error writing to device when trying to make changes to Xenta 121


After making changes to Xenta 121 in ZBuilder and clicking OK or Apply an error is returned that says: Error writing to device - Errors occurred while writing to the device. Database and device may not be synchronized. Please download values from database and restart device manually


  • Xenta 121-FC,  Xenta 121-HP
  • Vista Workstation
  • ZBuilder


This error can occur if Vista is unable to connect to the Xenta 121 controller.


Ensure that the Xenta 121 controller is powered on and that there is a reliable connection to the controller. To verify that the controller is talking to Vista either right click on the controller in Vista and select properties then click on the Neuron Status tab and check that the state is Configured, online. Alternatively, this can be checked in LonMaker by right clicking the device and selecting Properties and then clicking the Attributes tab. The State should say Configured, Online.

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