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Export / Import TGML graphics from one Vista 5 database to another while keeping the links/bindings intact.


Move TGML graphics from one Vista 5 database to another and keep the links/bindings intact.


  • Vista 5
  • TGML Graphics


Linking and binding information is not stored in the TGML source file, but in the Vista database. Therefore if only the TGML graphic is saved and transferred to the new database, all of the binding and linking information would be lost. To preserve this information, a Database Export must be performed for graphics transfers between databases.


  1. In Workstation, open the database you would like to export from and select File-Database-Export.
  2. Under the Site PC tab, use the default selection of "Get a customized copy of the database" and click OK.
  3. In the Database Export window, Right click on the root object and select Add.
  4. In the Select widow, navigate to the object(s) you would like to export and click Select.
  5. Use multiselect commands (hold ctrl or shift) to select multiple objects.
  6. When you are finished selecting objects, click on the green arrow of the Database Export window to name the export file and save.
  7. In the new database, select File-Database-Import.
  8. Browse to the Exported file and click OK. (You can also click View to see the contents of the selected File before importing if you have multiple Export files).
  9. Refresh the Folder pane of Workstation and the object should now be imported.
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