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Export special does not save output bindings


After performing an Export special of an object in SmartStruxure and then importing it into a database, the output bindings of the object are no longer there.


  • Export and Import
  • Workstation
  • Automation Server
  • Enterprise Server


Performing an export special and then importing that xml file into another database or the same database after the object has been deleted will no longer have the output bindings of that object.


This behavior functions as designed. See Section 20.31 of the StruxureWare Building Operation: Technical Reference Guide. The documentation states that:

"Objects or properties with bindings where the bound objects are in separate import files. To preserve bindings during an import, import the references objects to the targeted server prior to importing the actual objects or programs that refer to these objects. For example, import any referenced I/O points before importing the programs that read and write the I/O points. No matter what order of import is used, the import process will restore the bindings if they are valid at the time of import."

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