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Extended logs stop updating on the Enterprise Server


Extended Logs have stopped updating on the Enterprise Server.


Extended Trend Logs


Extended Trend logs have been set up on the site for some time and have operated correctly. Now some of them have stopped updating. 


This issue can be caused by a Server backup being restored. Trend logs and Extended Trend logs are allocated sequence numbers, and if the sequence numbers do not follow the correct sequence, the Extended Trend log may not update.

To confirm that this is the issue;

Trend Log.

  • Navigate to the Trend log and open it in a "Trend Log List" view.
  • Add an additional column to show the Sequence number.
  • Note the highest sequence number used.

Extended Trend Log.

  • Navigate to the Extended Trend log that is referencing the above Trend Log.
  • Open it in a Extended Trend Log properties.
  • Press and hold down the "ALT" key and click where the dot is indicated on the screen shot below, (just below the Basic tab).




  • This will show some more properties for the Extended Trend Log, the one you are interested in is “Last transferred sequence number”.


If the last transferred sequence number on the Extended Trend Log is higher than the Trend log’s highest sequence number, then that is why the Extended Trend Log has stopped.

How can this issue be resolved?

  1. Increase the sample interval of the Trend log until it has caught up. The Extended Trend Log will only fetch new records that has a sequence number higher than the last transferred sequence number. So until the sequence has caught up, you will not see any new records in the Extended Trend Log, and only records created after you have caught up in sequence numbers will be fetched.
  2. Re-create the Extended Trend Log. The new Extended Trend Log will fetch every record the log has and continue from there, but you will lose the records the old Extended Trend Log had that the log does not have anymore.
  3. Backup / restore on the AS. The Trend log will be cleared but the Extended Trend Log will start fetching new records.



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