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FIPS and webclient is not supported


Where can the FIPS fields be added to be accessed by webclient browsers?





The question comes up asking if there is a way to add in the FIPS field to be accessed by webclient and it is not FIPS compliant


Webclient is not FIPS compliant at this time. See page 15, item 8 in the Product Announcement FIPS 201 Solution


Additional Notes: In order to be FIPS compliant there is a middleware software piece that is part of the FIPS standard. The middleware company that we partnered with is called ImageWare and their product EpiBuilder integrates with Cyberstation. The integration doesn't currently run on a browser platform. If a site doesn't require FIPS then you would be able to add personnel through webclient, adding card numbers and areas, etc. Badge creation would still need to be done at a Cyberstation though since the ImageWare (EpiBuilder) application integration is used to create the badges.

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