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Failed to open network interface device. (Subsystem: NI, #39)


Device driver open failure

Echelon LonMaker
Failed to open network interface device. (Subsystem: NI, #39)




NI error #39 is a network interface error. It indicates that the network interface driver failed to open the network interface. For the i.LON 10 or i.LON 100, this error occurs when the LonWorks Interfaces driver configuration on your computer does not match the network interface settings in your i.LON 10 or i.LON 100.

Improperly seated PCMCIA PCC-10 LON Adapter.

Can happen with some regularity when using a NIC852 and going onnet through LNS Server.  Subsequent attempts are usually successful


If the LON Adapter is not properly inserted, you should try removing it and plugging it back in, or by using a second card temporarily and then switching back to the original card.

If unsuccessful...

To correct the error, open the LonWorks Interfaces Control Panel program and verify that the port setting, authentication key, hostname, and DNS suffix match the settings in your i.LON 10 or i.LON 100. To open LonWorks Interfaces, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click LonWorks Interfaces, and then click the RNI tab.

Please reference the i.LON 10 or i.LON 100 user guides or online help for instructions in modifying the configuration of an RNI.

When opening your network, make sure you select the correct network interface. For an i.LON 10 or i.LON 100 RNI, the name that you select in the LonMaker tool must match the name that you see on the LonWorks Interfaces RNI tab.

Echelon Support KB515


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