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Failure of Xenta Central Schedule after upgrading to 1.8.1


Potential for Data Loss: The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with any complex steps detailed in this article, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


When upgrading to 1.8.1 a Xenta Central Schedule that resides outside the LonWorks network it is not upgraded to the current version.

If the upgrade is attempted it breaks all the Xenta time schedule bindings with the Xenta Cental Schedule.


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.8.1


Xenta Central Schedules


During the LonWorks Pre-upgrade only the objects under the LonWorks networks are upgraded.

If the Xenta Cental Schedule is located outside the LonWorks network this is not included in the upgrade process.


Options to resolve this issue.

Before upgrading to 1.8.1

If the site uses Xenta Central Schedules, then use the server Hotfix to upgrade all the servers. Please contact Product Support and request Hotfix

After upgrade to 1.8.1

There are two options in this case:

  1. You can delete the Xenta Central Schedule and add a new Xenta Central Schedule. You are then able to bind the Xenta Schedules to the new Xenta Central Schedule.
  2. If there are many Xenta Schedules that refer to a Xenta Central Schedule you can use the export function to resolve the problem as shown here

Export the  Xenta Central Schedule as shown here

Once you have exported the Xenta Central Schedule you need to edit the exported XML file with Notepad++ and change the Xenta Central Schedule attributes from "lon" to "lon2". 

This is what the change should look like

Once this change has been made the XML File can be saved ready for an import to the Server.

Delete the existing Xenta Central Schedule from the database, making sure you check the box keep references.

Then import the edited XML to the server and this will re-establish the Xenta Central Schedule binding with the Xenta Schedules.

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