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Fan Conditioning on a Xenta 121


Fan is activating though it is not commanded.


  • Zbuilder
  • Xenta 121FC
  • Xenta 121HP


Fan Conditioning is Active. Conditioning can be used to "stir" the air periodically, evening the temperature when the system is not commanded or forced off.


Active fan Conditioning is determined by settings for Inactive time and Active time. (UCPTappOptions bit 8, Active=1)

Inactive time - Maximum interval in minutes before the fan is activated, if not used during. Standstill time between Conditioning.(UCPTFanCondOffTime)

Active time - Time in minutes that the fan runs at minimum speed during Conditioning.(UCPTFanCondOnTime)

If the Fan Conditioning is active, the fan state will be monitored for activity during the specified Inactive time and turned on when Inactive time has passed. The fan will stay on for the specified Active time until reached then turn off, which begins the Inactive time monitoring again. If the fan is called for during the Inactive time before reaching the Inactive time, the Inactive time is started over when the fan is released.

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