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File formats supported in Pinpoint


What file formats can be used in Pinpoint?


  • Continuum
  • Pinpoint


There are many image file formats available so there is a need to know which ones are supported in Pinpoint


  1. 1. Proprietary Pinpoint Files
    • .pin    Proprietary file format for pinpoint graphic files
    • .bck   Proprietary backup files for graphics panels
  2. 2. Image Files
    • .jpg    Joint Photographic Experts group created this file standard
    • .bmp  Bitmap image file
    • .ico    Image file for icons in Microsoft Windows
    • .emf  Enhanced metafile, 32-bit version of the 16-bit WMF (Windows Metafile) format
    • .dib   Device independent bitmap file
    • .html hypertext markup language files used for web browser controls
  3. 3. Video Files
    • .avi    Audio video interleave is a multimedia container format
    • .mov  An Apple QuickTime media container format
    • .mpg  An audio video file format know as MPEG designed to compress video and audio (MP3)

Pinpoint comes with a number of backgrounds and image files.

Adobe Illustrator and other image file software programs can be used to create additional files in the above formats which can be used in Pinpoint.

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