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Find technical information, documentation, and guidance for Continuum (or other product lines)


Where can I obtain the technical information, manuals, guides or other documents on Continuum? (or other product lines)




Manuals and documentation can be used for training or self-help troubleshooting for Continuum. (or other product lines)


  1. Review the course notes
    The notes and document gathered during training can be very useful and a great source of information.
  2. Technical Documentation is available on the ecobuildings download site at:
  3. For technical data/PDFs installed with Continuum, Go to Start > All Programs > Continuum > Documentation
    The discs and downloaded zip files that are used to install Continuum also include technical PDFs. Some of these are installed when Continuum is installed. (CONTINUUM)
  4. Most of the online help is context based, thus if you click help within a InfinityNumeric, then InfinityNumeric help is given. This help file can also be searched in the normal way. It is an excellent source of information. (CONTINUUM)
  5. Bookmark this Lessons Learned database:
    New articles are added daily and should be used as a first stop for self help.
  6. The Exchange Communitie site has a community space just for Continuum, SmartStuxure, Sigma, Vista etc.  for posing questions, sharing solutions, (CONTINUUM)
  7. The Continuum catalogue also provides a good overview of the product range
  8. Some documentation is freely accessible, see
  9. If an end user has problems on site, they should first contact Schneider Electric local support or service department (In the UK contact Support Bureau 0870 606 2800,
  10. SmartStruxure For Building Operation help can be found online at:


Always ensure the site fits within the Continuum Compatibility Matrix, this includes: 

  • For PC requirements see the relevant Installation Instructions included with the Continuum Software
  • Controller firmware (Continuum, BACnet, Infinet), use the most up to date available (of the correct version)
  • Workstation operating systems, service packs and .NET framework versions
  • SQL versions
  • See Lessons Learned Article #4240 for other system data
  • The Continuum.chm file found in the Continuum directory include the "online help"

It is usually worth ensuring the latest Continuum service pack is applied to ALL workstations on site (Cyberstation and WebClient) Click Here

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