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First Day of Week is incorrect


First Day of Week is incorrect


StruxureWare Building Operation 

1. WorkStation

2. WebStation


Calender/Schedule has the week starting on Sunday/Monday and the first day of the week in my region is Monday/Sunday.


This resolution applies to 1. WorkStation and below is 2. WebStation
1. For WorkStation:Exit the Buildling Operation WorkStation.
In the Operating System for Windows, select Start - Control Panel - Clock Language and Region. In Region and Language on the Formats tab, find First day of week and adjust to your regions choice:

Open up Building Operation WorkStation and see your calendar changes the first day of the week to match your choice:

2. Please find the below resolution for WebStation
Navigate to web_root/localization folder under the ES and find the Local-en.US.js.gz file to edit

Using WordPad++ below I find the "First_Day_Of_Week" as shown below and change from "1" to a "2" then save, and using my zip software, I save to format gzip. Notice in the above screenshot the renamed OLDlocal-en-US.js.gz and the new one is in place.

Now you can see below a screenshot from WebStation and the first day of the week is Monday "2" rather than Sunday "1"

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