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GSM modem error in Remote Alarm Manager (RAM)


When Remote Alarm Manager attempts to initialise the GSM modem it fails during reset command. Modem will reset correctly if the same commands are sent from a terminal emulation program.


Vista RAM

Sigma Ram

MicroNet RAM


GSM Modem


The result codes from the modem are not returned in the format expected by Remote Alarm Manager


The Mobile Equipment Errors setting (AT+CMEE) sets the format that error responses from the modem are returned in, the possible formats are:-

0 disable result code and use ERROR instead
1 enable result code and use numeric values
2 enable result code and use verbose values

The GSM driver in Remote Alarm Manager expects to see these results in numeric format. To Check and set the format do the following:

  1. Using a Terminal Emulation Program such as Hyperterminal connect to the modem
  2. Enter the command AT+CMEE? to show the current setting
  3. Enter AT+CMEE=1
  4. Enter AT&W to store the current settings to non volatile memory.
  5. Disconnect Hyperterminal and test with Remote Alarm Manager.
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