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Get all MTA files saved from a Vista Database


Is there a way to get all my MTA from a files saved off to disk from a Vista db?


  • Vista Database Generator
  • Menta


Archiving/extracting all Menta files from a Vista database at the same time. Backup all applications quickly.


You can use the Database Generator  to do this. Vista Server must first be running before performing these steps:

  1. Start Database Generator (Start > Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Tools X.X.X > Database Generator). May need to right-click and Run As Administrator.
  2. Go to the Database Menu and select Export Data from Database
  3. Click on the browse button for the object.
  4. Select device navigation, and browse to your Network object and click OK.
  5. In the Export from Database dialogue, keep the default settings and click OK.
  6. All MTA files in the selected Network will be saved to the $wrk directory in the Vista database.
  • MTA files will be updated with any changes made from Vista to PVR blocks, TSCH blocks, etc. If changes have been made while directly connected from Menta or an OP, right click on each controller and select "Upload Parameters" before exporting the MTA files.
  • If more than one Network exists in one database, a separate export must be performed for each network.
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