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Getting AccDataServices error with AlmUtil.dll error when closing Continuum


When closing Continuum 1.9x SU (SQL 2005 Express engine on a stand alone workstation),  it shows MFC error message of ACCDataServices and the Windows Event Log shows AlmUtil.dll error message.


Continuum SU 1.82 and higher version.


There are 3 Windows Schedule Tasks which are created during the DBInitialization->Creation of the Continuum SU workstation. Some possible causes are:

  • If these Schedule Tasks are missing
  • The Windows Schedule Tasks cannot be executed due to that fact that the current login userID is different than the one setup for the Schedule Tasks
  • The password is not correct


Manually create these 3 Schedule Tasks in the SU Cyberstation


  1. Uninstall SQL engine, Continuum
  2. Reboot the Workstation
  3. Reinstall Continuum SU, create a new DB from DB Initialization.
  4. Verify these 3 Schedule Tasks are created as below:
    • CS_Distn
    • CS_hrly
    • CS_Minute
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