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Getting SQL Server Limit Alarm (4G SQL Express) in Vista using a Full Version Of SQL Server.


Workstation is alarming that the SQL has reached the 4G limitation, but the Version of SQLServer is a Full version which is unlimited in size. SQL should be able to grow until the hard drive capacity is reached. There seems to be normal functionality of the SQL Server and there are not any $queues building.



Vista 5


When Vista is installed, The parameter how large SQL can be is written into the properties of $Backup_LDB. If a Free version of SQL is used, such as the one included in Vista, A limit of 4G or 3820MB is written to this Value. Even if you Install a Full Version of SQL at a later date, this Alarm Limit will remain.


  1. In Workstation, select the Vista Server, this displays the contents of the Vista Server in the Main pane.
  2. In the Main pane, double-click on the object $Backup_LDB, this displays the properties of $Backup_LDB in a new window.
  3. In the $Backup_LDB property window, Scroll to the last property, "DB Size Alarm Limit (MB)"
  4. Increase this value to a higher logical value of your choice considering limitations of the system hard drive space.

Note: 1 Gb = 1024 Mb, 1 Mb = 1/1024 Gb and 1 Mb = 0.0009765625 Gb

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