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Getting Time Sync error "Error: NTP in use, RFC868 clients ignored" in the Enterprise Network Server and in ENC.


Every time the Time Sync service runs, an error is generated in the Application Director console window.  The message reads "Error:  NTP in use, RFC868 clients ignored".  What is NTP and why is the system reporting the error.  I have the Time Server function configured in the same manner and with the same servers that I always use.


I/A Series G3 release 3.4 or newer


Both the "Time" and "NTP" time sync services have been enabled in the system.


The I/A Series G3 software was modified in Release 3.4 to allow the use of the use of NTP protocol time servers in addition to the older "TIME" protocol time servers. If the I/A Series G3 system software detects the use of the more accurate NTP protocol, the error message "Error:  NTP in use, RFC868 clients ignored" is reported and the attempt to synchronize the time to the TIME server will be ignored.

The use of "TIME" protocol servers and clients are configured in the "TimeSyncService" service in the station services.  The use of "NTP" services is configured in the "NtpPlatformServiceQNX" under the Platform Services.  If you desire to use the TimeSyncService instead of NTP, you need to disable the "NtpPlatformServiceQNX" by opening the "Ntp Platform Service Editor QNX".  To disable the service, set "Enabled" to FALSE as shown below.

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