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Getting a warning message that the Database is not on this Computer and the Security Key is a Single User version, is this a problem?


When installing Cyberstation V1.93 with a Single User Security Key fitted the following message may be displayed when starting the install:

The current version of Continuum is setup to use a database that is not on this computer, but the security key is Single User and does not allow remote databases

There is an option to continue installation.


Cyberstation V1.93


The Workstation has previously been configured to operate as a LAN workstation connecting to a database on a separate server.


Select the continue option, Cyberstation V1.93 should then install correctly, run the database initialization and the Workstation initialization, then you should be able to start up Cyberstation.

By re-installing all of the files will be updated and the system will then operate as a single user as required.


Also see Lessons Learned #2581 to check that the Security Key does have the configuration as expected.

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