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Getting error code 5227 ( 0x0146B ) when opening editor of the existing PE program in a controller.


When you have a PE program in bCX controller which is quite long and works good in the controller.  But when you open the editor of the program to modify it,  you get the error code 5227 ( 0x0146B ) and cannot  open the editor. 


Continuum workstation.




When editing a long PE program of  the controller in online mode, the controller fails to respond to workstation when the controller is too busy due to high scan rate or the busy network. 


Resolution 1) - Modify / change other existing PE programs to alleviate the controller's CPU load ( reduce the scan of the controller ) enough for the controller to respond to workstation in time. 

Resolution 2 - Edit the long PE program of the controller in offline mode ( offline workstation ) , and then reload the program to the controller from online mode ( online workstation) .

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