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Getting invalid facets for a couple of points on a Niagara G3 server running version 3.3.22. As a result, the points won't add to the station.


A 3rd party BACnet/MSTP controller was added to an existing ENC-520 running version 3.5.25.  All points from the controller were added to the ENC station successfully.  When adding these new points to the server, most of the points added except for two.  An 'invalid facets' error gets generated for the two points.  The points that were added successfully were pressure, temperature, and speed points.  The two points that did not add were flow points.  The server is running version 3.3.22.


Niagara G3 3.3.22 and 3.5.25


The default engineering units changed between versions 3.3 and 3.5.


Replace the units.xml file (lib folder) in the 3.3.22 server with the units.xml file from a 3.5 server.  Restart the station.  The points should now add successfully.

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