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Global Points Fail after DLA conversion


Global Point Settings for DLA systems

Global / Indirect Points connected over Ethernet continue to report "old data"




When converting to DLA, a router is now between Global and indirect points that may be on the same link. The router will block any message that does not have a global level of "System"

The NetPlus Routers (NPR) must have their reference hosts set correctly so that all IP devices know each other exists. 


  1. Connect to each global point on each link or DLA site.
  2. Modify each point so that its global point level is "System"

If the global points are still not functional, follow this procedure:

  1. Modify the Reference host table on each device to point to one master (NPR or Workstation)
  2. Reset power on each device to request the routing table
  3. Restart the I/O server on the host machine
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