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Graphics Editor will not open and causes a font related error


When attempting to edit a graphic through WorkStation, the Graphic Editor crashes with the following message:

"Font xxxxxx does not support style xxxxxx"


Building Operation Graphics Editor



When a Graphic object is edited, the editor does not open and an error message is presented, this error is caused because the font is missing.


Dependant on the Windows operating system in use, the process for confirming that the "Tahoma  Regular" font is missing will vary.

Windows XP.

Open the Control Panel and select "Fonts" and confirm that the font is missing.

Windows 7.

Select the Windows button and then search for "Font". Choose "View Installed Fonts" and review the fonts to see if Tahoma - Regular is available.

If this font is missing, then copy it from another PC, download it, or visit which deals with adding / removing fonts.


If Workstation is crashing when you see this error, please see Lessons Learned Article #17975.


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