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Graphics are not displayed via the WebStation although the same graphics can be viewed normally on a WorkStation


Graphics are not displayed via the Webstation.


  • Building Operation WebStation
  • Graphics
  • Trends
  • Display issues
  • Long hyphen
  • # character


When a graphic is requested on a Building Operation Webstation, it is not displayed. The display will remain blank, sometimes the Java updating icon is seen, and sometimes a Java error is reported.


Try the following steps below to correct the Webstation loading issue.

  • Check the file size of the graphic page. If the TGML graphic size is too large it can have issues loading in Webstation. Majority of the times it is due to an image that is too large such as a floor plan. 
  • Verify there is Java installed on the system. Navigate from Windows Home Button, Start / Control Panel / Programs. The icon for Java Control Panel should be present. If not, Java must be installed for Webstation to display graphics. 
  • If a graphic, or trend chart object, is created through a Building Operation Workstation and its name contains a "long hyphen", the graphic and trend chart objects cannot be viewed through Webstation. The long hyphen is not a supported character. When creating object names do not use the long hyphen (—) only use the short hyphen if required (-)
  • If the version being used is 1.3, upgrading to 1.4.1x may resolve the issue.
  • Check the name of the AS, an unsupported character may have been used e.g.#, to resolve, remove the character.
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