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HASP Error when installing Privilege Administrator 2.01 on Windows XP Machine Service Pack 2


HASP Error when installing Privilege Licenser 2.01 on Windows XP Machine Service Pack 2


  • Aladdin Privilege Administrator 2.01
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Vista IV Licensing


On the most recent versions of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed, there has been a problem installing Privilege Licenser 2.01. Upon installing the software a "HASP" error occurs. This is caused by the version of HASP on the computer not being compatible with one Privilege Licenser is trying to use.


Aladdin does not officially support Windows XP SP2, but there is a fix that usually fixes the problem. Go to the following url and download the "HASP Device Driver Commandline Installation"

Download the file to your hard drive and use the following steps to install the fix:

  1. Unzip file to root of your C: drive.
  2. Go to Start/Run and type in ‘cmd’.
  3. In the DOS window type in ‘cd\’ This will take you to the root of the ‘C:\’ drive
  4. Type in ‘cd hinstall’ This will take you to the program folder
  5. Type in ‘hinstall.exe –i’ A window will pop up and let you know when the file has finished installing.
  6. Close out of DOS by typing in ‘exit’
  7. Run setup for Privilege Licenser 2.01

Note: Beginning 2012, PSS will no longer support the Privilege License System. The Tamfs26 Server will be retired along with TAC License Server software. It would be wise to inform the customer of this important information to plan for future upgrade in the event that their site license has issues.

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