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Handling the SNVT SNVT_preset in Xbuilder Menta when values come from a Modbus device.


How to read the Modbus device's register and, via Menta in a Xenta 700, convert the value in to the 4 bytes required to bind these values to the SNVT_preset member Value.


  • Vista 5.1.X
  • Communication with a Modbus device.
  • Xenta 700 5.1.X (Menta)


SNVT_preset includes a member value[4] which is an unsigned long containing 4 bytes. Modbus contains only 16 bit registers. The SNVT member Value is shown as 4 separate bytes in Vista.


Click here to download an Xbuilder project containing the correct Menta file to convert from a Modbus register to the 4 bytes that the member Value contains.


  1. Download the zip file and extract the Xbuilder project.
  2. Open the Xbuilder project and change the IP address to your device's IP address.
  3. Download the project to the Xenta server and save to Vista.
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