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Hasp Key Utility will not activate keyless license Version Error Getting Id. - HASP License Manager service has stopped.


Version 2.0a Error getting Key Id appears at bottom of the Hasp Key Utility when an attempt is made to activate the Continuum license using the v2c file. 


  • Continuum
  • Keyless
  • Soft License
  • Hasp Key Utility
  • Sentinal HASP License Manager


The Sentinal HASP License Manager service has stopped.


  1. From Control Panel/Administrator Tools, launch Services.
  2. In the Services list look for either Sentinal LDK License Manager...

... or Sentinal Hasp License Manager.


3.  Right click on the service and select Properties


4. Under Service Status, if Started is not displayed, select the Start button.

5. Under Startup Type, select Automatic.

6. If neither Sentinal LDK License Manager nor Sentinal HASP License Manager appears in the list of services, you must install HaspRuntimeforContinuum.exe.


Under the service properties, select a Automatic for Startup Type.

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