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Having the wrong computer display driver installed a Cyberstation PC may cause Pinpoint application to fail. Rebuilding Pinpoint.ini corrects this issue only for a time.


Pinpoint will not open on one workstation. or some parts of a graphic will not work.

Deleting the Pinpoint.ini file form the C:\Windows folder fixes the problem for a time, but the problem recurs later.


  • Pinpoint
  • Pinpoint.ini
  • Display Driver


When original Dell display monitor that came with the PC had failed, the customer installed an older Hewlett Packard display without installing the appropriate display driver. 

The contents of the Pinpoint.ini is not written not by Continuum, but by the Microsoft Foundation Class API.  The ini file contains information on screen resolution, the number of tool bars, and the position and placement of each tool bar.

Looking at the Pinpoint.ini file it can be seen that the API attempted to write the information for Pinpoint Design Mode toolbar 1 twice.  The second tool bar property section contained an identical BarID number but none of the other information such as X position, Y Position, Docking state, etc.  It appears that Pinpoint was starting without sufficient information to place the tool bar and would crash.  The API also wrote that their were 11 tool bars when this miswrite meant that there were actually 12 tool bar specifications written. 


Install the proper display monitor driver. Pinpoint crashes will no longer occur.

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