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Host Number Conflict on the Computer with Dual Network Interface Cards (NIC)


When there are dual NICs on the computer, you will get host number confliction error. The IP address causes this conflict is just the local IP address.


I/NET prior to Version 2.44a

Win 7 or higher OS


When there are two NICs on the computer, I/NET needs to know which NIC is used for communication. Lessons Learned Article LL#6140 can be used for dual NIC configuration for I/NET. But under Win 7 and higher OS, wireless NIC can't be recognized in I/NET, which makes it impossible to choose wireless NIC to be used for I/NET. In the I/NET configuration, it just shows


I/NET will fix this issue in the new release. For I/NET prior to version 2.44a, there are two workarounds for this issue currently:

1. Refer to Lessons Learned Article LL#6140 to choose onboard NIC to be used for I/NET communication.

2. Disable onboard NIC or just disconnect it from the network. Then you will see the option for choose NIC for I/NET communication will be grayed out. That will force I/NET to communicate with wireless NIC.

Remember to reboot I/NET I/O server after this to make it take effect. 

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