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Is it supported to have a Hotfix applied to ES/Workstation, but not the AS?
Is it supported to have different HotFixes applied to the same site? In other words, HotFixes can be applied to select AS, but can you have different HotFixes on different AS, with perhaps a different HotFix applied to the ES/WorkStation?


The hot fix readme details what is necessary to install a Hotfix, generally they can be mixed as necessary on the one site, if there is any dependency’s (i.e. you need to install WS with the ES) this again will be detailed in the HotFix readme file.

Remember HotFixes are now consolidated (all in the one hot fix) and the build numbering of the HotFix shows this, i.e. is based on fixes consolidated in consolidation point 1, again the readme tells you which fixes are included.

Also remember that you can only apply a hot fix when the build number is greater than the current installed build.
As a general rule you should be able to have different hot fixes on a ES, on an AS and on Workstation. However, installing a new hot fix on top of a previous hot fix for any of these will remove the previous hot fix, if the read me file for the new hotfix doesn't specify that the previous hot fix is included. It will specify this not in terms of hot fix builds but in terms of fixes for ALM defect ID's.

Therefore, one needs to look at the read me files for the combination of hot fixes used at any specific site to make sure all hot fixes needed are effective and not have been overwritten by a later hot fix.

The above is true for read me files whether or not a hot fix is considered to be a consolidated hot fix or not.

Note, the guidelines seem to imply that all hot fixes are consolidated, which is no true.

Version of firmware on an AS:

Note: Not all HotFixes apply to all sites. HotFixes eliminate issues observed and defined in a particular defect. 

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