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How Pinpoint active text point status color formats are prioritized.


The active text configuration in Pinpoint allows you to control the color of the active text based on the object state or the objects alarm status.  Can both be used at the same time?  What happens if the point state color is shown and the alarm state of the point changes?   Does one color control have priority?


  • Continuum 1.9 or greater
  • CyberStation
  • Pinpoint
  • WebClient
  • WebPinpoint


Both the active text alarm color and object state color controls are configured.


  • The color that active text is presented in represents the last "status" the point has assumed regardless of whether this was a point change of the objects state or a change of the objects alarm status.
  • Regardless of which color is in effect, the next change of state or alarm status will overrule that color until a subsequent change has occurred.
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