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How are SmartStruxure products seen by third party BACnet devices?


When being discovered by a 3rd party system what names will be seen?


SmartStruxure AS & ES V1.3, V1.4


How is an AS or ES seen by a 3rd party system?


When discovered by a BACnet IP system the names seen will be as follows:

Vendor Name: Schneider Electric

Vendor ID: 10

For an ES the Software revision will be defined from the ES and the Firmware revision will be N/A

For an AS the Software revision will be N/A and the Firmware revision will be defined from the AS

Model Names:

For the AS: "Building Operation Automation Server"
For the ES: "Building Operation Enterprise Server"

Note: The Continuum product up to V1.94 SP1 can only display BACnet device model names of up to 32 characters, so will not display the above model names.

Also the AS Device name must comply with Continuums naming requirements i.e. The first character must be a letter, this is the same for importing any 3rd party system.

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