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How are inputs configured on two AC-1, AC-1A, or AC-1 Plus modules when configured as dual reader doors?


How are inputs configured on two AC-1, AC-1A, or AC-1 Plus modules when configured as dual (entry / exit) reader doors? Are there any restrictions on which input channels can be used and for what purpose?


Continuum IOU Door Module's

  • AC-1
  • AC-1A
  • AC-1 Plus


There are differences to how the inputs can be configured on AC-1, AC-1A, and AC-1 Plus modules when being used in a dual (entry / exit) reader door configuration.


The below information can also be referenced  in the I/O System Reference Guide.

1. AC-1's in Dual Reader Mode (page 141)

The inputs are fixed for a specific purpose. Channel 1 is an Auxiliary input that can be configured as an InfinityInput outside of a door object, whereas channel 2 is the Door Switch and channel 3 the REX which can only be configured in the Door object.

The Door Switch is only physically connected to channel 2 of the Entry AC-1 module. Although, the Exit AC-1 module must have the same resistor configuration on its channel 2 as what is being used for the Door Switch on the Entry AC-1.

Channel 2 and 3 on both the Entry and Exit AC-1's cannot be created, and used, as InfinityInputs - they are to only be configured and used in a Door object.

2. AC-1A's in Dual Reader Mode (page 159)

Same as the AC-1 except the resistors are not required at the Exit AC-1A's Door Switch channel.

3. AC-1 Plus in Dual Reader Mode (page 186)

Any of the supervised input channels can be configured in the door object.

Whichever channels are used for Door Switch and Bond Sensor on Entry AC-1 Plus must be wired into the same channels on the Exit AC-1 Plus and these must have the same resistor configuration. Both of these channels on both AC-1 Plus modules are now unavailable to be used as InfinityInputs.

Any Supervised input channels not used in the door object can be created and used as InfinityInputs.

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