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How can I automatically export logged data to .CSV files?


Often data is required to be exported out from the Continuum system for record keeping or for further analysis, what keywords can be used to help with this?


Cyberstation Plain English programs - all versions.

Microsoft Excel


Specific help is available in the product for specific keywords but how can these be put together to export data to .CSV format.


As we do not advocate 3rd party system trying to directly extract data from the Continuum database, you should create a Plain English program in a Workstation that can export logged data directly from the controllers out to a .CSV or .TXT file.

Keywords to use for this purpose are:

  • OpenFile
  • WriteFile
  • CloseFile

Details of the above Keywords are available in the Cyberstation internal help pages.

The attached example dump file could be run on a daily basis to extract temperature logs from a controller and save them to files with a date stamped naming convention:

Click here to download example dump file.

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