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How can I convert my BACnet B4920 to a BCX 4040 Using Cyberstation


How can I convert my BACnet B4920 to a BCX 4040 Using Cyberstation


  • Cyberstation
  • BACnet B4920
  • bCX 4040


Change model number from b4920 to bCX 4040 using Cyberstation.


In Cyberstation V1.90 Service pack 1 the capability to convert a b4920 to a BCX 4040 has been added. In order to change the model you open the controller editor on the b4920 and from the model pulldown, select bcx 4040.

This is a non reversible change so make sure you have a database backup before doing this.

Once the model is changed, you will need to edit comm2 and verify that it has the same settings for the MSTP as comm1 did on the b4920. If you have not already done so you will also have to reassign any I/O points that were on the b4920 to different hardware such as XP modules or another b3 Controller. The conversion will leave the I/O points in the database but all the channels will be set to "0" so that any programs that reference them will stay in tact.

Make sure to set the Bcx up with the same ACC Net ID and do not change the Bacnet Device ID or the comm2 and UDP Net ID's. They will stay the same as the b4920 had them.

Once you have connected the BCX to the network and the MSTP controllers to comm2, you simply reload the Bcx, but you do not have to reload the b3 controllers. They should come online after the Bcx is reloaded.

Prior to this version a deletion of the b4920 and all b3 controllers was required, and edited dump files needed to be imported into the Cyberstation to recreate the BCX and b3's, followed by a reload of all controllers.

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