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How can I get my files into or out of a Windows 7 Virtual XP virtual machine?


Using XPSI and PSI in a Virtual XP environment, need to transfer the uploaded files to another computer.


Windows 7 computer with a Windows XP Mode Virtual Machine


Need to transfer files to another computer for backup and storage.


There are two methods that can be used to transfer files into or out of a Windows Virtual Machine.

  1. Access a shared folder on the host computer or on another computer on the network.  You may also map a drive letter to a shared folder.  These procedures are identical to the procedures used in any Windows XP computer system.  The procedure is as follows: Open the Start menu and select Run then type the full computer name and shared folder name using the format //computer-name/share-name then click [OK].  If the folder can be accessed, it will be opened in a Windows Explorer window within the virtual machine environment.
  2. Access a USB Flash driver inserted into the host computer.  Once the flash drive has been connected to the host computer, it will be visible under the "USB" menu on the top bar of the Windows XP Virtual Machine.  Click on the name of the USB Flash drive to attach it to the computer.  When the flash drive has been attached, it will be displayed in Windows Explorer as a drive with the next available drive letter.  You can then access the flash drive in the same manner as you would on the host computer.  When done with the flash drive, it must be detached from the Virtual Machine before you can unmount it from the host computer.
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